Making Memories

There’s nothing quite like it - that feeling of knowing that after a hard week’s toil at work, you are packing up the motorhome and disappearing somewhere for a few nights, getting away from it all. No… I’ll just empty the dishwasher... I’ll just put another load in... just give me 10 more minutes… undivided time for ourselves as a family.

Even before, the global pandemic, I loved knowing that as the days passed, I was getting nearer and nearer to my escape, my little bit of heaven.

Making memories

So now, more than ever, that lovely feeling of being able to set off on our own little adventure is truly cherished and treasured.

Off we go!

Once, we set off and close the gate in the yard, I can feel my shoulders drop and the tension release.

We are on our way - relax!

We talk to each other. Properly. No snatched instructions about who is picking who up from school or conversations that we forget because our minds are elsewhere. We really talk to each other. We share funny stories, our plans for the future and we laugh together. The ‘rat race’ has a lot to answer for, and a positive outcome from this global pandemic for us has been that it has given us time. Time with the people we love, time to recharge and reassess.

As we travel to our destination, we talk about our plans, where we’ll go, what we’ll do, what the weather is going to be like and what we’ll eat!

A new destination - a new adventure!

Eating. Eating has become even more of a pleasure in the last 6 months. At the height of the lockdown, I felt like the next meal was all I had to look forward to and I did learn to bake bread (from scratch!) once I managed to get some yeast (little packets of gold). Barbeques are top of the list for our family. My husband, whose speciality is beans on toast or cheese on toast with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, is suddenly a master chef on the barbeque! He makes most things unrecognisable and then asks me to check if they are cooked through. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit burnt - it gets us outside in the fresh air, being sociable and making plans.

As we approach the campsite, a new air of excitement permeates through the motorhome. Is the site going to be as good as the last one, what will our pitch be like and what about my important view!

We set up camp for our weekend’s escape. Mark out our area, put up the awning, get out the barbeque, the outside table and chairs and put the kettle on and begin making memories.

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